Curtain walls are an excellent way to enhance the exterior of any building while adding an extra layer of protection against external impact or harsh weather conditions. The non-structural cladding system helps augment aesthetic beauty of the building and adds a sophisticated look that creates a lasting impression. We as premium service provider of Curtain walling in Leeds with high levels of air & water insulation, and is thermal efficient. This helps maintain optimal level of temperature inside the building.

With its unique features and exceptional look, curtain walls definitely ensure a great value for money. However, before you embrace the modern architectural design, here are 5 important questions that you should ask to your curtain wall installer in Leeds.

Let’s check out:

  1. Do I need curtain walling for my building? 

To start off, it is crucial to determine whether installing a curtain wall will be suitable for your building. Typically, curtain walling Leeds solutions are ideal for buildings of any size and nature. However, for effective installation and best results, it is recommended to have extensive height and floor space.

Secondly, you have to take the composition and age of the building into consideration. Since we are a company of curtain walling Leeds and our curtain walling is non-structural in nature, it might not be appropriate for older buildings with restrictive plans or regulatory orders pertaining to refurbishing them considerably.

  1. Do I need permit for curtain walling installation

Before you make significant alterations in your building’s exterior appearance, it is crucial to understand statutory norms pertaining to curtain walling installation in Leeds. Talk to your local building authority or an experienced curtain wall installer in Leeds to know what type of permit you need for non-structural cladding system, which material is permissible and other regulations.

  1. Does curtain walling Leeds ensure value for my money? 

For multinational hubs or corporate facades, curtain walling is one of the best ways to enhance the look and appeal. It beautifully encases the building’s exterior while augmenting its aesthetics with spectacular glazing that creates an impression of professionalism and sophistication. And the style and design of a building’s exterior play an important role to attract more visitors.

Our professional curtain walling services in Leeds also provides excellent insulation against air & water, and is thermal efficient. This causes less decay and the exterior does not rust. In the long run, it ensures a great value for money.

  1. What is the cost of curtain walling installation? 

The cost may vary depending on the design, material used, size of the building and labour involved.

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