As the owner of a commercial store or a business outlet, you should be concerned about what kind of shop front you should have. Going with just any design may have undesirable outcomes like low visitor footfall, unforeseen damages, costly repairs and the investments going in vain. To avoid these, it is important that you devote time and efforts and make some really good preparations in this direction. Here are some tips to take help from.

Evaluate your needs

To evaluate your needs for the front of your shop, you should consider things like:

  • Location of your store – Does it get adequate natural light? Can harsh weather in the region affect your store’s front area?
  • Nature of your business – Is it a retail store which requires attracting customers through window displays? Do you want that the shopfront design makes the interiors look spacious for an uncluttered cafe layout?
  • Customers visiting your store – Does your store experience huge visitor’s traffic? Do you need automatic sliding doors to entertain your customers?

What permissions do you need?   

You may need permissions from different authorities for new shop fronts installation and also for the replacement of an existing design.

These include:

  • Planning permission for any kind of change to the front area’s appearance
  • Listed building consent if your store is located in a listed building
  • Conservation area consent if the store is located in a conserved area

Make sure that you learn about these requirements well in advance.

Explore the shopfront designs in your area

An important part of the preparation is to have a look at what other shopfronts in your area look like. It would help you take inspirations and ideas from some of the top designs. If you can explore the designs of the stores that are in direct competition with your business, it would help you even further. By doing so, you would be able to watch out your competition as well as choose designs to stand out in the competition.

Hire the right experts

There are many companies offering design and installation services for store and office fronts in Lancashire and the adjoining areas. However, you must choose a team which has years of experience and an impressive portfolio. The advantage of hiring experts is that they would help you learn about different options available and make suggestions to choose the one matching your needs, store requirements and budgets.

Take some important decisions

With the help of an expert in shop fronts, you can choose:

  • The materials available for designs. Only an expert would suggest that aluminium offers more advantages over wood and timber as it is a lightweight, durable as well as customizable material.
  • Toughened glass frameless front area designs that are not only attractive, but also offer security, longevity and great advertising opportunities.
  • The right kind of doors among many good choices like aluminium doors, glass doors, frameless doors, sliding doors and more.

Think about security

All set and done, you must not overlook the importance of adding security to the front area design of your business premises. For this, you can learn about different types of security shutter designs like solid roller shutters, punched roller shutters, grill roller shutters as well as electric roller shutters and select the best one. Also, find out about the sophisticated locking systems and surveillance systems that can be added to the front of your store for high-end security.

With Lancashire Shop Fronts, you can make each of these preparations with ease. We not only provide expert consultation based on your needs, but also guide about the best designs, materials, security systems and legal requirements so that you get great returns on your investments.