First impression is everything. No matter how awesome its food quality or customer service is, your new restaurant would be firstly judged by its front. An aluminium shop front can say a lot about your business and how it attempts to stand apart in the competition. You must have heard repeatedly about aluminium being an aesthetic, functional, versatile and economical material to design an outlet’s exterior look. Here, we specify some great highlights of using aluminium to draw customers through an extraordinary shop front.

Planning an impressive layout

Aluminium shop fronts help outlets to establish a positive relationship of their private spaces with the public realm. Anyone walking on the footpath alongside your restaurant would have an elaborated vision of your interiors through huge glass areas supported by slim aluminium sight lines. A chic urban look is achieved without compromising with continuity, while a private enclosure is setup for the guests to experience isolation from the outside world. Overall, you end up accomplishing a layout that may become a talk among the customers.

Managing those crowded times well

Sunday evenings, festival celebrations and public holidays may bring swarms of guests to your facility. It is then that the front of your restaurant would turn into a high traffic area and you need to entertain them well. With aluminium sliding doors as a part of your shop front, you can welcome more number of visitors without causing inconvenience to anyone. Aluminium installations being lightweight always make the outlets look spacious and prevent the valuable customers from driving away seeing the huge crowds.

Customize your outlet’s looks

We, at Lancashire Shop Fronts, meet a lot of retail / outlet owners willing to install a customized shop front to their business establishments. Aluminium is one option that allows us to precisely meet their expectations and specifications as it can be powder-coated using one of the many colour options that match with the overall profiles of the outlets as well as the surrounding environments. Our experts have helped many to re-spray their shop fronts made of aluminium to accommodate their brand revamp efforts. It is easy to achieve, saves a lot of time and proves to be inexpensive.

Weatherproof your outlet

Keep your restaurant comfy and a great place to relax at with aluminium doors and windows. Aluminium is well-known for maintaining the energy efficiency of an enclosed area by keeping the weather elements at bay. On hot days, it prevents sunlight from heating up the interiors and maintains comfortable temperatures on days that are cooler. During rainy season, you need not worry about humidity causing any kind of discomfort to the guests.

Maintain your restaurant’s youthfulness

Even after years of your restaurant’s successful existence, an aluminium shop front would lend the same great impression on your repeating and new customers. Aluminium is known to offer excellent resistance to wear and tear. You can expect the sliding doors to function just like the new installations even after uncountable daily operations. The material shows no signs of warping, splitting and cracking and thus maintains the overall value of your outlet. Also, it is highly resistant to corrosion that ensures low maintenance over long period.

A great marketing support

Aluminium shop front doors support varieties of signage and advertising options that easily stir curiosity among the onlookers. The attractive designs have long-lasting impressions on the minds of the spectators and they seek a chance to visit the outlet immediately or sometime in the future. Apart from that, you can use some high-quality images of your restaurant’s shop front to create beautiful pamphlets and posters. Considering the importance of marketing on social media, you can use these images to post on Facebook and other popular social networking sites and create interest among people.

With the level of competition increasing among restaurants, you really need to up your game and Lancashire Shop Fronts can help you in that. We provide unique and customized aluminium doors and shop front solutions and services to meet all needs and budgets. Have a look at the recent work we have done for different retail establishments in the region to have an idea about products that excel in designs, quality, security and performance.

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