Indoor spaces of industry, retail, shops and outlets, commercial establishments and garages are vulnerable to a number of threats. Doors with locks and security systems might not be adequate in keeping these possible risks at bay and solutions like roller shutters become a necessity. Lancashire Shop Fronts, manufacture and installs a huge variety of roller shutter designs, each addressing one or more concerns and apt for a number of applications. Here we guide our buyers on how to match their specific needs with some of our most popular roller shutter solutions.


There’s nothing more valuable than having a private space with no prying eyes and unwanted attention. With solid shutter, you can easily accomplish the same, leaving no scope for the strangers to peep into your indoor space. These are ideal not just for commercial spaces but also for garages, workplaces, factory sites, storehouses, warehouses and more.


The most common reason to install roller shutters is to achieve high level of security. The good news is that security shutters come in all types of varieties, from solid designs to perforated, punched and grille roller shutters as well as electric and automatic varieties. We design our roller shutters using durable materials like aluminium and steel that are impossible to breach and last for many years.

Weather Control

If high-speed winds blow in the area your property is located in, you must invest in solid roller shutter installations to prevent any possible damage. The same is applicable to areas that are prone to topical storms, heavy rainfall, hailstorms, snowfall and more. At the same time, you must be concerned about maintaining the right temperature inside the shop during summers as well as winters. Choosing aluminium-made roller shutter doors in different varieties, you can ensure the right level of insulation which not only aids in temperature control but also contributes towards optimal energy utilization.

Noise Control

Loud music and many other types of noises may also be the possible intruders trying to take away the peacefulness of your indoor space. It can have a negative impact on the productivity of your workers if you own a factory site or industrial business where work may continue till late night. Choose solid shutter designs that filter the unwanted noises and maintain a peaceful environment.

Ventilation Control

Solid roller shutter installations can dramatically reduce the airflow inside your store or commercial establishment in non-working hours. However, you may want proper ventilation inside the space even during the non-business hours. For this, we recommend punched and grill shutters that are designed to let air circulate. These are ideal for schools, cafes, offices and retail stores etc.

Fire Safety

Many people tend to ignore the importance of adding fire safety shutter doors at the shop fronts. With our fire-rated roller shutters, you get world-class solutions that are designed with mechanism to automatically shut down when a fire alarm or detector rings. We have designs with different fire resistivity levels to help you choose according to the possible risks.

Display and Aesthetics

The roller shutters at your shop front can add value to the overall aesthetics of your store and make it stand out in the crowd. Moreover, you can use perforated or grill or punched shutters that would let you maintain the display of your merchandise even during the non-business hours if you own a brand store. It can be achieved without putting the security of your site at risk.


How about controlling the functioning of your roller shutter garage doors using a remote control and from a distance? If you like the idea than automatic or electric roller shutter are the perfect option for you. Our products in this category can be connected to the mains and also have battery backup (in-case required).

We hope to have helped you decide the right roller shutter for your requirement.

Approach Lancashire Shop Fronts team to discuss any level of customization you need to add to make these designs of your roller shutters even more useful.