Has your architect left you confused giving curtain walling  and shopfront as two options to choose from? You are not alone as many people fail to conclude which one is a better option for designing a building’s exterior. While shop fronts in Leeds are quite popular, the curtain wall system is well in competition across the region. In order to make the final choice right, it would be a great idea to learn the similarities and differences between the two and then compare them based on your specific needs. The experts at Lancashire Shop Fronts can help you in this regard.

How Are Shopfront and Curtain Walling Similar?

Apart from serving the main purpose of designing the exterior face of a building, both shop fronts and curtain walling excel over the traditional building exteriors in terms of style and overall appearance. Another common thing is the choice of materials for each of these structures. Our shop front fitters design elegant glass and aluminium shop front and curtain walling systems that are not only great in looks but offer longevity, security and satisfactory value for money. You may expect each of these framing systems to add more value to your business and better functionality to the building in saving energy and allowing plenty of natural light.

How Do Shop Front and Curtain Wall System Differ?

From outside, both curtain walling and shop fronts in Leeds may look similar. However, the following important differences between the two are worth taking note:

  • Curtain walls may span multiple floors, usually starting from the first floor but may also include the ground floor. Storefronts are installed on the ground floor or may span the first floor in few cases.
  • Storefronts are load-bearing structures whereas curtain walls are the non-load-bearing ones.
  • Curtain walls have a self-draining system which makes them excellent during rainstorms. Storefronts are not self-draining.
  • The height of the curtain wall may range between 13-25 feet whereas storefronts are ideal for up to 10 feet high exteriors.
  • As far as the cost is concerned, a shopfront may cost less than a curtain wall.

How to Choose Between Glass and Aluminium Shop Front vs. Curtain Wall?

With the consultation that our shop front fitters Leeds offer, you can choose the right option that precisely matches your requirements. For instance, if you have a ground floor store, you can save money with glass or aluminium shop front in Leeds. However, if draining rainwater is a concern, consider investing in curtain walling for the long-term benefits. If you have a high-rise building, a curtain wall would be essentially required to withstand the wind loads.

Whether you choose a shop front or a curtain wall system, our experts are dedicated to delivering the best solutions within your budget in Leeds as well as other adjoining regions. Lancashire Shop Fronts excel in designing customized solutions in different categories like toughened glass storefront, unitized curtain walls, stick-built curtain walls and shop fronts in Leeds. Our professional shop front fitters ensure safe and long-lasting installation services in the region. Call us now for more details.