Do you know the curtain walling has been around since ancient times? However, it was made of bricks and stones to keep the intruders at bay. In the 21st century, it has evolved or we would say completely changed and its purpose is no longer safe. Nowadays, the reasons for installing an efficient curtain walling system are to protect the building from bad weather, maintain a professional outlook, and creating a sound workplace. These days the material used is quite robust and needs to be drastically up to the mark to meet the modern requirements. So, business owners ought to seek suitable ones to give their buildings that much-needed supportive layer. But, avoid fretting when you are connected with Lancashire Shop Fronts. We will facilitate you in every step towards professional installing of curtain walls of your building.

curtain wall system

Our frameless and no base façade installation is meant to give an extra layer of protection to the tall and small buildings. Rainfall, snowfall, and pollution remain outside the walls of the building with this reliable shield on. Our curtain walling system is manufactured with various components including- stainless steel, aluminium frames, rubber gaskets, and metal connections. Lancashire Shop Fronts’ expert manufacturers ensure to manufacture the best of architectural installation that different businesses can resonate with. Our idea is to create the highest quality & intriguing façade for the multinational hubs and companies. This installation proves to create a more impactful workspace and that too while being resistant to the air infiltration (slow decay).

Two types of curtain walling system to choose from

There are mainly two types of curtain walling system that can be beneficial for your office space. They are a stick-built curtain walling system and a unitized curtain walling system. Both of them have the significance of their own and can be installed by our top-notch installers very efficiently. Let’s discuss in brief about them-

The main benefit of unitized curtain walling is the installation speed. Our manufacturers pre-fabricate the large panels inside the warehouses and send the highest quality installations to the on-site to be placed appropriately. These are considered ideal for the tall buildings or skyscrapers because of being ‘ready-made’ installations for the site. Whereas on the other side- stick-built is not the ready-made one. Sticks mentioned in this type of curtain walls are made of aluminium and are installed vertically & horizontally in between the floors of the building. There is a need for minimal pre-fabrication, but it takes more time to install these pieces one by one. There is surely faster progress with this type of curtain walling system. Usually, these are considered suitable for buildings with lesser floors.

You need to be worried at all as our experts can help you pick the most suitable type of external layer for your building. Lancashire Shop Fronts experts are readily available at your service and are happy to clear any sort of query regarding the curtain walling system.