Curtain Wall and business growth – wondering how a structural element of your building is associated with augmenting your business? In today’s cut-throat competitive environment, how you manifest your brand holds significance in shaping consumers’ purchase behaviour. And the first impression that your retail or commercial building gives off is crucial in determining your corporate image. Therefore, a lot depends on the look and style of your building.

Let’s get started to understand how Curtain Walls installed on the exterior of your building can help boost your business in several ways.

Why choose a Curtain Wall for your business?

Lancashire Shop Fronts is a trusted provider of high-quality, durable Curtain Walling solutions in the UK.

Discussed here are the key advantages of installing our Curtain Walling System for your business:

#1: Helps Drive More Sales

Imagine a shabby-looking, old-fashioned commercial building. Will the appearance of the building invoke you to enter it at a first glance, forget getting into business deals? Think from a consumer’s point of view and perhaps the answer will be – No.

Amid today’s competition, the first impression is often the last impression. While often overlooked but the visual appeal of your building can help instil a sense of trust and confidence among your employees, customers and business partners. We are specialists in designing and installing excellent-quality Curtain Walls that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your building in a remarkable manner. The stunning and professional look that Curtain Walling offers speaks volumes about your brand image, driving more sales and effective business relationships.

Commercial and retail buildings can attract heavy footfall with Curtain Walling Solutions because people are unavoidably lured towards buildings that look good and inviting.

#2: Cut down on your costs with Curtain Wall

It is often perceived that premium-quality aluminium and glass Curtain Walls are expensive and installing one on the exterior of your building can cost significantly to your business. Thankfully, it isn’t true. We are experts in aluminium and glass Curtain Walls which are comparatively light in weight than conventional building structures such as stone, brick, wood or concrete. Installing Curtain Walls is also easier, provided the company has the expertise to do it with precision as we are.

Therefore, Curtain Wall Glazing is a much cost-effective alternative than its counterpart and can accentuate the look and functionality of the building considerably. And cost savings is a smart way of fuelling business growth in the long term.

#3: High-performance Curtain Wall structures

One of the best reasons why businesses should consider a Curtain Wall for their buildings is that it can withstand the test of time. We ensure robust Curtain Walling installations made of excellent-quality aluminium and toughened glass that helps us build long-lasting building structures. Moreover, the materials are meticulously-engineered to resist harsh weather conditions, water & air leakage, harmful UV rays and rust. With durable and rugged construction we ensure lesser repair work and maintenance. This can help you save big time in costly repairs and annual maintenance fees.

#4: Energy efficiency

Maintaining a high-rise commercial building involves heavy investments, especially in heating and cooling. Traditionally-built structures are not energy efficient and can add up to your costs remarkably. Moreover, your building may not be compliant with energy rating standards. This can be a major impediment towards business growth.

Our premium-quality Curtain Walls are installed as an exterior facade that allows abundant natural light and heat to enter the building while preventing them from getting out. This helps maintain optimal temperature inside and in a natural way, putting less energy-consumption load on your heating & cooling appliances. So you can enjoy reduced energy bills while complying with regulatory standards pertaining to environment-friendliness.

Thus, thermal efficiency is one of the biggest advantages that businesses should consider to minimise their costs and propel growth.

#5: Needs fewer repairs and maintenance

Another way the Curtain Walling System helps drive business growth is through cost savings in structural repairs and maintenance. With us, you can be assured that your Curtain Walls are made of excellent-quality, rugged materials that can last for long. These are weather-retardant and also provide increased insulation against water and air. Furthermore, we provide professional Curtain Walling repair and maintenance at affordable prices. So with lesser repair work, you can save huge money that can be invested in business development.

A Curtain Wall is visually-appealing and versatile, offering a gamut of advantages for your business. However, make sure you choose only an experienced and reliable company who ensure highest standards of quality and workmanship in Curtain Wall installation. Lancashire Shop Fronts is the trusted choice of top-notch clients in the UK, offering high-quality Curtain Walling solutions at best prices. We stand ahead of our competitors with superlative precision, 24/7 customer support and emergency services anywhere in the UK. Though, we majorly serve the northern areas of England i.e Lancashire, Blackpool, Blackburn, Preston, Burnley as well as Warrington, Liverpool, Manchester, Cumbria, Merseyside, Cheshire, and Yorkshire.

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