While walking in Lancashire, you’ll observe that many businesses have an Aluminium Shop Front. To outsiders, it may be unusual but to a true native, they are as common as getting your daily newspaper and morning coffee, because most businesses are spotting a similar kind of shopfront. The reason behind such soaring popularity is simple: these shopfronts meet all the checkpoints of not only a great shopfront but also a great investment. That makes them a great choice for any shop in Lancashire, Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, Yorkshire, and many other places, and Lancashire Shop Fronts is there to provide the best quality shop fronts to you and your business.


If you’re wondering what exactly constitutes a shopfront, then let us explain it to you. It is the exterior of the shop, a facade, that acts as an entryway to a particular shop. They are built to attract the right customer for the business, whatever it may be. In a sense, they are the spokesperson of the business that speaks to the customer before the customer ever enters the premises. They create a certain image that speaks volumes about the brand to the customer from just one sight. So, its importance should never be taken for granted. Other than attracting the right customer, they also protect the site in multiple ways.

Advantages of Aluminium Shop Front

As explained above, shop fronts are extremely important but to know why should you order an aluminium one only, read below:

  • They are known to be extremely durable, so they will last you a long long time. Aluminium is well known for its rust-proof properties, so no matter the weather, your shopfront will probably outstand any conditions.
  • Aluminium can help protect your business, its products and the building itself against natural elements way better than other metals. Be it heavy winds, rain or even a hailstorm, your shop will be protected from it with Aluminium.
  • This metal has a high strength-to-weight ratio, meaning that it can withstand a lot of pressure at any point on its surface. Interestingly it can be made to be as strong as Steel by forging its sheets together. So, it will create the best security for your site.

Shop Front Fitters

If you are looking for world-class shop front fitters, then Lancashire Shop Fronts is the place this search ends at. The value of a good shopfront should never be judged less, but you’d be mistaken to think that a fitter plays any less important role in this whole project. Finding a reliable fitter that delivers a project which is accurate to measurements, on time, cost-effective and customer-friendly is just as important if not more than the material of the shopfront. It wouldn’t have been easy to find a fitter that meets all these criteria, but lucky for you, we not only fit this criterion but exceeds them. Contact us today at 0161-9148225 to book a consultation and get a head start on your shop front quest.