When it comes to showcasing your business and attracting footfalls, nothing can beat the style and sophistication of amazing shop fronts Manchester. Shop fronts are a fantastic way to display your products & services in an enticing manner, making your store look more inviting for the onlookers.

Unfortunately, shop fronts attract footfalls and vandalism too. As you showcase your business in a compelling manner, it also invites intruders who can potentially be harmful. Additionally, shop fronts in high traffic areas such as Point of Sale are also prone to accidents. Harsh weather conditions can also cause havoc to your storefront if not built and installed properly.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure safety of your business and its people by securing the shop front.

Here are some vital security tips to protect your shop front in Manchester:

  1. Hire the Best Shop Front Installer in Manchester

Before you get started, it is crucial to choose a shop front installer in Manchester that has vast experience and skill in designing and fitting superior-quality storefronts. They understand the importance of high-end security for your retail store and therefore, suggest customised solutions that deliver exceptional look, functionality and safety.

  1. Install Aluminium Shop Fronts

Aluminium shop fronts in Manchester are a superb security measure that enables you to protect your storefront from all perils. Aluminium is sturdy and high-performance, and functions as a powerful deterrent against vandalism. It is impact-proof and can even withstand extreme weather conditions.

Thinking that aluminium will spoil the aesthetics of your shop front?

As a matter of fact, aluminium storefronts can be fabricated to achieve any design and look. These can also be powder-coated for improved aesthetics and blend perfectly with your brand image. So by installing aluminium shop fronts, you can achieve both – compelling look and improved security.

  1. Secure Your Shopfront Glass 

Since glass is fragile in nature, it can make your shop front more vulnerable to security threats. Replace safety glass with more resilient and durable toughened glass that is shatter-proof and remarkably minimises the risk of break in. This type of glass features a penetration-resistant film. That means even if it cracks under impact, it will still inhibit intruders from entering your property. Talk to your shop front installer in Manchester for toughened glass solutions.

Lancashire Shop Fronts has been designing and installing custom-made shop fronts in Manchester with utmost precision and quality. Our storefront solutions come with built-in security features that ensure complete peace of mind. We are the most trusted shop front installer in Manchester, offering a perfect blend of bespoke solutions, customised approach and affordable prices.