Presentation and Aesthetics are no new terms for us, but from time to time, our point of view and trends concerning them changes. The case is no different with the curtain wall – This installation is very phenomenal and has footprints from the early 1900s. This system is popular from the times when the stones and bricks were popular, but the idea of beautifying the commercial space was still there. The core motive was the same as today to put the best possible impression on the visitor or customer. At the same time, people were worried about the protection and intend to add an extra layer of protection to avoid invaders back then. Now everything is similar but the material used to manufacture the curtain walling installation is completely different. Today we will talk about our exclusively manufactured installations and their benefits that you can possibly get.

Understand what is curtain walling

This well-defined installation is a comprehensive system that is non-structural but still acts like one. The core idea behind the installation of curtain walling is to add an extra layer of protection, great outlook attainment, and separate the premises of the building from the outside world. This installation ought to be manufactured with the right material and measurements to let the building fetch the maximum benefit of the investment made. There are metal panels, operable windows, veneers, and other fittings that give a lively outlook to the façade. The most commonly asked and in-demand materials for curtain wall manufacturing are- glass, aluminium, stainless steel. We understand the true meaning of style while providing a sturdy installation to our clients, who are building owners.

Benefits of Curtain Walling Installation System

  • Natural light is the first advantage that you can get by installing glass curtain walls with perfect framing. This allows that natural light outside enters your premises for a great feel of the cheerful day. Ask your workers how refreshing is to get outside light, who have to sit inside the premises with artificial lights all day.
  • The installation of a curtain wall system is not at all difficult and expensive with Lancashire Shop Fronts. Our experts know how to make it a super easy and approachable process for your big or small building. We will install it perfectly and our approach will be beneficial for your entire business image.
  • The best thing is, the curtain wall installation comes with better thermal performance and enables that ambient temperature inside the building. This is how you can keep those hefty electricity bills in check and your investment will prove to be worthy.
  • This is a great way to protect your building and its façade and curtain wall acts as a barrier for fire spread.

Are you willing to avail such benefits? You are welcome to get a free quote and a site visit, reach us for advice related to the curtain wall system installation. Happy to help.