The curtain wall system is fast gaining prominence while constructing new buildings and renovating the existing ones. These are non-structural wall cladding installations that put no extra weight on the exterior walls of the buildings and at the same time, protect the buildings’ interiors against a number of damaging factors. Considering that these are high-performing systems with so many amazing benefits, you may ask are they expensive?

The good news is that contrary to the common myth, these are not only economical but also help save money in the long run. Find out how.

Relatively affordable for high-rise buildings

People might tell you that a curtain wall is an affordable solution for not-so-high buildings but their cost increases with an increase in the buildings’ heights. The fact is that the more the building’s height, the more these systems can help in saving the construction or renovation costs. You are most likely to be familiar with the costs of bricks, plasters, acrylic paints and other components of the traditional systems. Using glass and aluminium in these systems can significantly bring down the overall costs.

Fast and easy installation

Both glass and aluminium are known to be among the lightest construction materials. As a result, these are much easier than the conventional building materials to be lifted and carried up to different levels and require fewer labour efforts in overall curtain wall installation. It combined with the lesser amount of installation time further leads to saving costs.

Unitized curtain walls reduce labour costs

If you choose the unitized systems that are pre-fabricated by the manufacturer in the factory environment, you can further enjoy the cost-saving advantage. As these units arrive at the installation site as pre-fabricated, the cost of on-site labour automatically reduces.

Saving on heating and cooling costs

Buildings, especially the commercial ones, often end up spending huge amounts on the heating and cooling bills. One reason behind it is that most of these buildings are not designed to be energy efficient and fail to control the heat and coolness escape due to poor insulation. Aluminium, as well as glass, is known to create perfectly insulated environments that endorse energy efficiency and hence reduce the energy bills.

Saving on lighting requirements

Curtain wall glazing is usually made of glass and this is one aspect that makes these systems even more popular. First, the arrangement lends an unbeatably stylish look to the overall building. Second, glass allows higher penetration of the natural light inside the buildings’ interiors. As a result of this, the requirements to install and use artificial lighting equipment can be reduced significantly. It can, therefore, bring down the overall energy costs.

Low maintenance and long life

The curtain walling systems are among the most long-lasting construction types that can survive the test of times for many years. During their life, these systems call for low maintenance as compared to many other popular construction materials and cladding systems. You can expect them to endure different weather types and adjust to climatic changes. It means that you won’t need to replace them even after years of installation.

Reduced damage and infrequent repairs

Curtain walls are designed in a way that they prevent penetration of moisture and water as well as air and dust into the interiors of the buildings. In addition, these experience low damage during incidents like fire breakouts and earthquakes. So, the fewer the instances of damage, the lower the money you end up spending.

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