There are people who simply love their sliding glass doors designs. Then, there are others who have a poor impression about these installations, acquired either due to ignorance or after hearing a lot of misconceptions about them. Another probable reason for this could be their experience with the conventional sliding designs that indeed offered average performance. The fact is that with the advancement in design and manufacturing processes, sliding doors have come a long way.

So, if you are not able to decide whether to choose these doors for your patio, balcony, office partition, shop front or any other application, start by knowing the truth behind some of the prevailing myths about them. That’s what the following post does.

Sliding doors are only for large spaces

Because of the arrangement in which these are installed, sliding doors made of glass are often considered to be space-consuming. The fact is that these doors, especially the frameless glass doors, create an impression of spaciousness and are ideal even for the sites with less space and high traffic. As they need to be slide opened or closed, their operation makes them ideal over traditional door designs to save the space.

Sliding doors are ideal only for the summers

As these doors allow increased airflow and improved ventilation, these are considered to be a good option for the hot days only. The fact is that the modern designs of these doors make them highly energy-efficient and great for both summers and winters. You can rely on them for keeping the indoors comfortable during the rise as well as a dip in the temperatures.

Sliding doors are difficult to operate

As far as the conventional designs of sliding doors are concerned, those indeed were difficult to slide. However, with the evolving hardware and engineering, these doors have improved in terms of operational performance, offering smooth gliding operations. Also, a simple routine of cleaning the door tracks on a regular basis can help in their easy maintenance.

Sliding doors are heavy

If you still believe this notion, you are probably not familiar with glass panel doors with frames made of lightweight materials like aluminium. These materials not only add sleekness to these doors but also make them attractive and elegant. In fact, you can consider them as one of the best installations to enhance the value of your property.

Siding doors are not secure

A lot is said about how these doors are unsafe, simply because of the glass panes. The fact is that the new-age glass used in these designs is extremely durable and resists breakage during impact and break-in attempts. A related misconception is that these doors offer no protection against rainwater. However, properly sealed installations are the answer to this concern.

Sliding doors compromise with the privacy

Many shop owners who choose glass front doors are concerned about the privacy of the interiors. The solution is available in the form of a variety of glass door treatments as well as roller shutters. With these options, you can keep the interiors private while enjoying the benefits like creating a great glass display for your store during the day.

Air tightness is a concern with sliding doors

That could be true! However, there are no door designs that can be made to be absolutely airtight. Still, glass doors are evolving in terms of energy efficiency. With the use of double as well as triple glazing options, you can achieve the near-perfect results.

A lot depends on how the sliding doors are designed and installed. With Lancashire Shop Fronts, you are rest assured of the above-mentioned concerns taken care of. We ensure that the glass doors in sliding versions serve different purposes within the anticipated budgets. We cover the northern areas of England i.e Lancashire, Manchester, Liverpool, Cumbria, Merseyside, Yorkshire and Cheshire.

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