Being light in weight, aluminium is possibly a weak material. With its industrial feel and look, aluminium is more suitable for commercial shop and office fronts. You must have heard these and many other things about the material. Still, you find many commercial, retail as well as homeowners opting for aluminium doors and windows. There are chances that you are not familiar with some great aspects of the material for quality residential property installations and here is an opportunity to learn them.

It facilitates sleek frames with a maximum view area

Contrary to popular belief, aluminium is a strong material that can be used to make extremely thin frames that can easily hold large glass areas. If you have doors and windows facing or opening to a beautiful lawn or garden area (patio), having them in aluminium can arrange spectacular outdoor views.

It offers a high degree of durability and resistance

Aluminium’s light weight should not be considered as its weakness. It is one of the most durable materials and thus, aluminium doors can last for more than 20 years without experiencing wear and tear, dents and other possible damage. Moreover, it is highly weather-resistant, offering protection against rusting, warping and rotting.

Its thermal performance adds to energy efficiency

The thermal performance of aluminium is placed on top of that of other popular door and window materials. The material is known to facilitate heat gains and losses in a way to keep your property energy efficient during all seasons. So, opting for doors and windows made of aluminium, you can expect to save on energy bills.

It is easy and cheap to maintain

As aluminium shop front doors and windows can last for many years, these demand for less maintenance. It is possible to keep them clean through simple procedures that require fewer efforts. It also contributes to low maintenance costs as there would be a decreased possibility of repairs and replacements.

It can be customized for different designs

Many homeowners believe that aluminium is not a very good choice for houses with traditional designs. What they don’t know is the fact that the material can be customized with a variety of colours and finishes. There are choices like timber and metallic finishes you may choose from to make your doors and windows in sync with the overall architecture.

It is an environment-friendly choice

While materials like timber can impact the environment in a big way, aluminium boasts of low carbon footprints. It is one of the top materials that can be recycled and reused as it consumes very less energy for processing. This is one reason that environment-conscious people are getting more inclined towards aluminium shop front designs for their stores/shops or outlets as well as aluminium doors and windows for their homes.

Finally, it is a pocket-friendly option

Most of the points discussed above indicate that aluminium can be an affordable alternative to expensive materials like wood and timber. Some people may argue that the options like uPVC are even cheaper than aluminium, but the latter scores in the long run as it has the least chances of degradation with time.

You may choose simple doors and windows made of aluminium and glass as well as options like aluminium sliding doors. Each of these installations is going to add value to your property.

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