Deciding between aluminium and wood for a shop front design can be intimidating. While many advocate the classic old world charm of wood, we have been a witness to how commercial space owners have been switching to aluminium over all these years. In fact, aluminium is the preferred choice to construct facades and entryways of the new retail stores and commercial establishments across the UK. At Lancashire Shop Fronts, we like to guide people about the advantages of aluminium for new installations/renovations and what makes it a true winner over wood.

Degree of Customization

Aluminium is lightweight, malleable and extremely versatile when it comes to construction needs. Needless to say, wood lacks these qualities and therefore offers less customization possibilities. We have designed and installed aluminium shop fronts for clients who brought us their specific design ideas and expected tailor-made solutions from our team. Using aluminium, we have been successful in providing them with desires shapes and styles for front windows and doors.

Busting the Aesthetics Myth

Wood if often place above many other materials when it comes to visually appealing designs. However, revisiting the fact that aluminium can be customized in many ways makes the material a comparable option to lay attractive designs. Moreover, the slim-line aluminium frames with increased glass space are a trending style with shop owners who wish to offer their customers better insights into their stores.

Another aspect of aluminium shop front designs is that the material can be power-coated to create extraordinary finish in a number of beautiful colours. If you have been hearing about unlimited options to paint wooden designs, aluminium has its own colour palette that too can be used for stunning designs.

Undisputed ‘Durability’ Winner

As a tough material with impressively high tensile strength, aluminium is known to be extremely durable that can easily resist different types of damages wood is usually prone to. For example, warping is a common issue wooden designs suffer from. Expansion and contraction with the change in weather is another drawback of wood-based installations. Aluminium, on the other hand, resists each of these deformities and can serve for many years without the need for replacement. It means that aluminium can add great value to your commercial space and promises greater returns on the investments.

Maintenance is No Concern

We all know how demanding wooden installation are in terms of maintenance. Frequent repainting and repairing of a wooden shopfront is not just time-consuming but can also be costly. Wood is also prone to warping which may require you to call an expert for procedures like cutting and sanding. None of these issues arise if you choose finely powder-coated aluminium design for your shop’s front.

Fire Safety Ensured

Lancashire Shop Fronts repeatedly tests its aluminium products against various safety concerns. That wooden surfaces can catch fir easily and help it propagate is not a thing to be mentioned. Aluminium is among the top metals with very high melting points and is, therefore, a good option for shop’s entry doors and windows.

Comparing the Costs

As a popular shop fronts company in the region, we have helped clients with different budgets to avail some cost-effective solutions that use aluminium. Wood is an expensive material obtained naturally and there have been concerns surfacing about its scarcity. Preparing wood designs demand more labour. Add to the list the cost of repairing, replacement and maintenance the wooden installations. Aluminium promises dramatic cost-saving in this regard.

And If You Are an Environment Lover

Then, wood is definitely the material you would prefer to choose as obtaining it requires deforestation. Aluminium is an eco-friendly material and it is recyclable as well which leaves comparatively low impact on the environment.

We are a leading aluminium and glass shop front manufacturer based in Lancashire, extending our reach to the whole of UK. Our customers get to enjoy advantages like:

  • Custom made designs that are perfect fit to their business needs
  • Adherence to the regulatory norms and quality standards
  • Quick turn-around time to ensure you stay in business
  • No hidden charges and transparent pricing discussed in advance

Our team of shop front fitters take the responsibility that your outlet/store gets the perfect face that instantly connects with your customers. Book an appointment to start with an on-site survey.