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    Curtain Wall is the ultimate solutions for the corporate facades and multinational hubs. Curtain walling systems comprise multiple substrates including aluminium framing, stainless steel components, glazing, rubber gaskets, and insulation and metal connections. The vision area allows light refraction and the spandrel areas are designed to conceal the building floor beam structure and related mechanical elements. While the spandrel area is an opaque area, the architectural community always finds interesting ways to address the people. For the glass curtains work, the colour of façade or entrance screen is required for finishing touch to a building. Corporate colour schemes or simply breathtaking swathes of colour create real personalities for the quality of some projects.

    Trained professionals and engineers are working to provide the curtain walls, including aluminium into a large grid-like frame. The spaces in the frame are filled with glass. While glass is the most common material used, it’s not the only one. Metal panels, louvres and stone veneer can also be used. The structure is attached to the main building at each floor and its corners, making your workplace more impactful. Curtain wall installation and fittings are resistant to air and water infiltration and thus decay more slowly than other types of building materials. They also resist forces of nature on the building, like high winds earthquakes.

    Curtain wall system are expected of many buildings today, not only because of their numerous practical advantages but also because of their appearance.

    Advantages of Curtain Walling (Curtain Wall Installation):

    • Appearance and Attractiveness
    • Keeping out Air and Water
    • Reducing Building Sway
    • Thermal Efficiency
    • Slowing the Speed of Fire

    With the changing momentum in technology impedance, components are seen upgraded in the curtain wall system. The design, installation and workmanship all contribute to its successful performance. It is important to access the synergy of these components and qualitatively access what improvement can be achieved. Curtain wall system maintains a key role in the performance of the different corporate fronts.

    Lancashire Shop fronts provide all the installations of the curtain wall systems. The team of engineers is there for any concerned help to fit the frames impedances. We provide free quotations on the product and services.

    At our head office in Lancashire in the England region, we have an extensive in-house capability to design & supply curtain walls cladding & curtain wall glazing frames to maximize security.

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