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Do you have any Shop Fronts or Shutters needs we can help with?

Concerned about commercial shops security? Need Help? Roller Shutter installations are the ultimate solution to keep away from intruders.

Roller Shutter is popularly known as bendable doors that are manufactured using steel and aluminium. Maximising the impressions of roller shutter is based on the type of material used. The shutter plays an indispensable part when ensuring the security for you and your family. Most of the roller shutter comes in varieties of options with the different feature and specifications. One can easily choose an ideal shutter for your property, which may include shutters like built-in doors, fire, electric, manual, battery, built-in doors, and more.

The popular roller shutters styles are:

  • Solid Roller Shutters
  • Punched Roller Shutters
  • Perforated Roller Shutters
  • Electric Roller Shutters
  • Grill Shutters
  • Fire-rated Roller Shutters

Benefits of Roller Shutters:

  • Maximizes security
  • Protect your belongings in critical weather conditions
  • Prevent excess sunlight from your workplace
  • Available in different sizes and designs

With the advancement in modern technology, these security alignments have found their rightful place in the business world and have become the most crucial aspect of every trade today. Moreover, it is vital that you choose the best shutter for your business to maximise all your profits in the long-term.

Based in Lancashire, Lancashire Shop Fronts offers roller shutter services in the arcades, shopping malls, boutiques, gymnasiums, the backside of the commercial buildings and the repair shops. With our 20 years’ experience in installation and manufacturing unit, we are here to resolve your hassle in shutter types and welcome your precious feedback.

Solid Roller Shutter is installed to keep your business (commercial or private) with “security” intact. Concerning the property with the industrial fittings, you can benefit from the security that comes with different shutters. The roller shutter can be fitted by the experts either manually or electrically. The solid roller shutter includes workplaces like-Retail, factory, garages, schools or any open workplace.

Benefits of Solid Roller Shutters

  • Sun Protection

Damage from the sun is a real, and present concern. The solid roller shutter is ideal for protection against the sun, and many owners have benefited from the protection it provides.

  • Storm Protection

Storms are dangerous and can be costly. These shutters are designed to withstand hurricanes, tropical storms, storm surges, and other types of violent weather.

  • Energy Efficiency

These roller shutters are known as good insulators. It reduces the reliance of the non-renewable energy sources. One can save a lot of money by the same.

Lancashire Shop Fronts aims to be as flexible as possible, so we can provide our consumers with a variety of different sizes, colour and shapes to suit their needs. Roller shutters can solve all these issues and will help you sustain peace and privacy inside your property. Lancashire Shop Fronts provide all bespoke solutions of manufacturing and installations relating to solid roller shutter. The team of trained professionals is always there to guide you with the best security equipped solid roller shutters.

Punched Roller Shutter is the best form of advertisement as an access to the business accord. It has been an ideal fit for the security needs before storefronts. Punched Roller Shutter is a combination of solid and punched slats achieves optimum strength while delivering up to 65% vision. These shutters are typically used for bars and kiosks, and retail shops applications where permanent vision is required. The engineers and professionals work in conjunction to achieve an excellent solution for retailers and business units.

People are always eager to know the type of shutter installations. The perforation often is chosen dependent of the business need, visibility of the goods that shop is selling and their position if the shutters are used internally to secure restricted area. Offering exceptional security to your commercial business give the best use of the space as the shutter and mechanism store are kept above by the team efforts.

Advantages of Punched Roller Shutter

  • Access to natural light
  • Elegant and strong made
  • Maximum vision of your shopfront
  • Smooth access of roller shutters

Lancashire Shop Fronts based in Lancashire offers all the type of punched roller shutter like-Security Cross Gates, Tube and Link shutters, Brick Bond Punched shutters. The team of professionals work on the manufacturing and installations to secure unit front.

Perforated Roller Shutters are the ultimate solution for securities, as they are custom made. Ideal for the safety, one can see-through the aspect covering your shop from the backlist. These shutters are used extensively in shopping malls and high street retail shops. The perforated roller shutters present a most economical method of providing a secure closure to large or small openings. These shutters are robust and have a long life with little maintenance required.

Benefits of Perforated Roller Shutter

  • Ideal cutting-edge designs solutions
  • Durability in materials
  • Fine finishing products
  • Polycarbonate material used
  • Easy to implement styles
  • Ideal shutters for displaying valuables behind

These roller shutters are seen in the UK and Lancashire shops. Why? These allow greater freedom for the flexibility of shop front design and layout, by increasing or reducing the level of glazing in the shutter curtain area. In the case of structures like indoor or underground car parks, perforated shutters can be found in many industrial places.

Nowadays, perforated roller shutters are seen made up of unique design with reinforced steel rods between the panels. The design and materials make our polycarbonate shutters extremely strong and resistant to forced entry. Lancashire Shop Fronts take care of the customers by installing the roller shutters which fit in the customer’s budget. The trained professionals and staff is there for all the guidance and customer support call.

Grill Roller Shutter makes your shopfront visible 24*7. Wow!  That’s sound better! Grilles feature straight plain aluminium profiles with galvanised bottom bracket and consoles and primer-coated winding shaft. Comprising of the modern and elegant lines, combined with a large amount of open space, make these roller grilles beautiful and useful security devices. The construction engineers pay the regular watch on the prime factor of the fittings like-operations, locking patterns, patterns, box size, maximum size, and finish angles. Ideal to be fitted before shopfronts, these roller shutters always require the best materials to keep the intruders out. Many technology hubs are working to enhance the needs of Roller Shutter designing and maintenance to win the customer needs.

Benefits of Grille Roller Shutter

  • Improved security
  • Cost-effective designs
  • Aesthetically pleasing with visibility

Lancashire Shop Fronts is working in the manner to cater the perfect solution when you need proper ventilation and enhanced features, for example for securing stores with large shop fronts inside shopping malls, where low headroom can be a challenge, as well as protecting underground parking garages. The trained professionals cover the area of the Lancashire and England too solve the roller shutter anomalies.

Mostly seen fitted in the industrial workplace, electric roller shutter offer an entirely new look. It can also be seen at construction sites, large warehouses, packed garages, and many more industrial spaces. They electrification run on low voltages that save a lot of energy. Electric Roller Shutters are made run with a small motor connected up to an electricity supply; naturally, this can be a mains connection, but they can also be battery powered. With electrically operated roller shutters it’s also possible for to control remotely, whether by someone on the spot from a keypad or even from a nearby office building making operation far easier. Also offering convenience at industrial sites where it’s impractical to run down the stairs and open the loading bay as the truck is backing up.

Benefits of Electric Roller Shutter

  • Easy to open and shut.
  • Ability to use solar panels to power your electric shutters.
  • Durable and offer fantastic protection from the elements and would be intruders.

Lancashire Shop Fronts offer its quality services in Lancashire and adjoining areas for Industrial spaces. Installation of electric roller shutter is what our experts are experts in. You can avail the free quotation on electric roller shutters too.

Fire-rated Roller Shutter is an equivalent solution for industrial workplaces. Fire alarms are generally installed in commercial buildings to act as lifesavers. Modern fire rated shutters are designed to meet international standards, and their manufacturers must be from the certified company. The team of trained professionals should ponder the close work of the electrification to make the process automated, so it becomes easy for all to commute the feedback. Most of the fire shutters come complete with pre-wired (single phase or three phase) controlled descent motors and auto reset solenoid mechanism which will activate from a signal from the fire alarm. The shutter can be an alternative for security shutter on a daily basis and will automatically close when activated by a fire alarm or detector. The mechanism of handlings is made simple to help your workplace stay safe. Fire rated shutters are customised and designed with unique features without compromising with their fire resistance.

Key features:

  • Available in different degrees of fire resistance
  • Allows for electric, manual and automatic operation
  • Receives signals from a fire alarm for automatic closing
  • Safety breaks can be fitted if the door is over a pedestrian walkway
  • Available with battery back-ups, in case of power gets low or off

The key features of the Fire-rated Roller Shutter system are taken into account by a large number of multinational companies to prevent the burning out.

Lancashire Shop Fronts provide the optimal solutions with the fittings of Fire-rated Roller Shutter. The team is always there for any hassle in services and feedback. The best option provided is the quotations on Fire-rated Roller Shutters.

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